The Brady Legacy: Tom Brady’s Shot To Silence All Manning Supporters

Wilmington, MA~ On Sunday, January 18th, the New England Patriots will host the Indianapolis Colts for the right to represent the AFC in Super Bowl XLIX.

This matchup was determined by the tale of two legendary quarterbacks whose careers faced a crossroads in last week’s divisional playoff round.

With 10 minutes and change left on the clock Tom Brady and his offense took the field down 31-28. Plenty of time for the three time Super Bowl champion, right?

Not when you consider the opponent.

NFL: Divisional Round-Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots
Tom Brady spike after TD rush in Patriots win (Photo by Greg M. Cooper)

Brady would have to complete this comeback against the Baltimore Ravens, a team that has played the anti-hero in the eyes of many by fearlessly marching into Gillette Stadium and abruptly ending the season of those, as Terrell Suggs put so eloquently, “Arrogant F****”

Even NBC color commentator Cris Collinsworth bluntly stated the significance of this game to Tom Brady’s career. As Brady drove down the field, Collinsworth noted all the Super Bowl’s he had won earlier in his career, but had failed to deliver a championship in a decade and the two Super Bowl losses in between.

“And here it is, all right in front of him,” Collinsworth ended.

And he seized it.

Tom Brady led his offense on a 10 play, 74-yard drive, capped off by a beautiful 23-yard touchdown pass to Brandon Lafell. The drive proved to be the difference in the game, as the Patriots went on to win 35-31.

As for Peyton Manning’s affair with his former team, well, it was far from pretty.

While the numbers were OK (26-46, 211 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT) the true assessment of his poor play comes from the eye test. The Colts plan was to force Manning to throw over the top. All Manning had to do was muster up the arm strength to hit his receivers on straight vertical routes, and he simply could not do it.

Not only was Manning unable to throw the ball deep, he struggled to make intermediate throws as well. After missed throws, wobbly passes, and balls that seemed to float in the Mile High sky for an eternity, Peyton Manning and the Broncos were only able to gathe

r 13 points in a playoff loss to the Colts.

As people may know, but are afraid to point out, Manning struggled greatly toward the end of the 2014 campaign. In his last six games, including the playoff loss, he threw six touchdowns and six Interceptions. Hardly Peyton Manning numbers.

Whether or not those pedestrian numbers had anything to do with his quad injury or not Manning’s future still remains in doubt.

If these past six games were the last of Manning’s career, than it truly was a humiliating way to go out. With a massive decline in his play which resembled that of a beloved aging family dog slowly dying, topped off with a

Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning after last Sunday’s Divisional game (Photo by Jack Dempsey)

record 9th one-and-done in the playoffs at the hands of a Colts defense who gave up 23.1 points per game (good for 19th in the NFL), it surely was not a storybook ending.

If this were indeed the end for Manning, it would also put a close on one of the greatest rivalries in NFL history, Brady v. Manning.

The two quarterbacks combine for seven MVP awards, four Super Bowl rings, three Super Bowl MVP’s, 922 touchdown passes, and 122, 949 passing yards.

So, who has the edge?

As of last week, the obvious answer has to be Tom Brady.

If Brady’s three championships to Manning’s one championship, Brady’s 19-8 postseason record to Manning’s 11-13 postseason record, or Brady’s 11-5 advantage in head-to-head meetings are not convincing enough, consider this stat.

As Manning was sent home after his first playoff game for the 9th time in his career, Tom Brady is preparing for his 9th AFC Championship Game.

Despite the overwhelming success Brady has achieved over the course of his career, success that exceeds what Manning has accomplished, there will still be fans and critics alike that will chose Manning over Brady.

One of these critics may include Brady himself.

Behind every “He’s a great player” remark or every “”I’ve been fortunate to play against him” comment Brady has made over the years, lies a killer instinct, a fiery passion that consumes him year in and year out to capture another Lombardi trophy. A unique passion that drives him to win, to be the best.

Even though he has done more with lesser talent, has won more Super Bowls, has won more playoff games, has more game winning drives and more come from behind wins in the postseason, it is feasible to believe that Tom Brady does not consider himself better than Manning.

Why? He has not done all he can to settle the debate once in for all, to put the nail in the coffin.

The killer instinct.

However, a unique storyline has presented itself that would silence any “Manningites” once and for all, and declare Tom Brady the winner of the 14-year heavyweight battle between the two future Hall of Famers.

Manning’s loss on Sunday was much more than just another playoff defeat to add to his legacy; it represented a changing of the guard.

Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning’s successor in Indianapolis, successfully brought his team into Denver and dethroned Peyton Manning as the best quarterback in the AFC. Or did he?

No, he didn’t.

Andrew Luck will have to bring his team across the country, from Denver to Massachusetts, and take on the heavily favored New England Patriots. There, Tom Brady will reaffirm his position as the best quarterback in the AFC, something Manning failed to do.

Then, if Seattle were able to defeat Green Bay in the NFC Championship Game Tom Brady would, yet again, have a chance to complete something Manning could not. Brady would have a shot to decipher the dreaded Seattle defense that embarrassed Manning in last year’s Super Bowl, en route to a 4th Super Bowl victory.

The storyline is starting to fall into place for Tom Brady and his legacy, the question is, will he seize it?

He will take the first steps on Sunday.


The Hofstra Pride WBB Team: A Youthful Bunch

Long Island, NY- The Hofstra Women’s Basketball team is beginning a new era. The team entered the 2014-15 season with no returning seniors from the previous season.

Instead, the team now has nine freshman/sophomore players that make up the fourteen player roster.

That’s 64% of the roster.

There are a number of challenging obstacles a team must encounter when, not only dealing with new teammates, but inexperienced ones as well.

Will the team be able to create positive chemistry?

Can the young players overcome their fear and angst?

Will their bodies be able to adjust to the longer season?

To better understand exactly which ones could be most apparent I sat down with Ashunae Durant, Stephania Oramas, and Aleana Leon, three freshman who have seen significant minutes through the first eight games.

All three had plenty to say when asked how they were handling their transition from high school basketball to college basketball.

“There was a lot more pressure in high school to do everything,” Durant said, who is the lone freshman starter for the team, “in college its way different. You have five people on the court who know how to play with you.”

“I think it’s really hard, but my teammates help a lot with the transition… you just got to make sure you stay focused,” stated Oramas, who comes off the bench frequently.

“Its hard, but at the same time it’s fun,” added Leon, who also comes off the bench.

When asked if there was an advantage of having a young team, Ashunae was very assertive with her answer.

“We are really coming along together as a whole team. We are really finding ourselves. If we just keep communicating and doing us, we will get really far,” Durant stated.

So far, the team actually has a better record through its first eight games than it did last year. At this point last year, the Pride were 4-4 and now are a game better at 5-3.

However, it is quite a possibility that inexperience is showing itself early on in the season.

Against teams with less than five upperclassmen, the Pride’s record is a perfect 3-0 When their opponents have five or more upperclassmen their record is 2-3.

Last season, the team ended with a 14-15 record, with an 8-8 record in conference play. How will they fair this year?

Only time will tell.

Top Dog

Brady v. New York

Boston and New York: The greatest sports city rivalry in the country.

Whether its Bruins/Rangers, Celtics/Knicks, or Red Sox/Yankees The passionate rivalry between these two cities has thrived in all four of the major US sports.

Even The New England Revolution and The New York Red Bulls squared off in the Eastern Conference Finals of the MLS.

The Revs were victorious, if anyone is counting.

However, right now, the most heated rivalry between these two cities is in the NFL. Whether the subject is Belichick v. Rex Ryan, Tom Brady v. Eli Manning, helmet catches, butt fumbles, and everything in between, there is no doubt that The New England Patriots v. The New York Jets/Giants is the premier matchup between these two cities.

New York has had its moments. Giants’ victories in Super Bowl 42 & 46, a victory for the Jets in the 2010 AFC Divisional playoff game, and a few regular seasons wins sprinkled here or there.

However, it is clear that The New England Patriots have the edge in this rivalry, and one of the constants during the rise of this rivalry has been future Hall of Famer Tom Brady.

Ever since Bledsoe went down during the ’01 season (thanks to Jets linebacker Mo Lewis) Brady has been the starter for the New England Patriots.

Since he took over, Brady has thrown 385 touchdown passes, 140 interceptions, 51,798 passing yards, and has a completion percentage of 63.5%

For the Giants, they have had four starting quarterbacks since the 2000 season. They have combined for a total of 334 touchdown passes, 256 interceptions, 57,249 yards, and have a completion percentage of 63.73%

It’s even better for the Jets. They have had seven quarterbacks since the 2000 season. Their quarterbacks have combined for 202 touchdown passes, 185 interceptions, 40,952 passing yards, and a completion percentage of 59.2 %

Tom Brady has also combined for three rings while the two New York teams have combined for two.

Philosopher Turned Journalist: Leah Bush

Long Island, NY – On Thursday, November 14th 2014, professional PR/journalist Leah Bush came into class to discuss her profession and offer advice to the students in the class.

While Bush seems to have solidified her spot in the journalism world, that isn’t what she had in her mind a decade ago. At the University of Mary Washington, Bush actually majored in philosophy.

After graduation, Bush joined the Red Cross and actually helped in relief efforts with Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It was then Bush realized she might need a career change. She stated to the audience that she absolutely loves to travel and document her experiences.

This ignited a new passion for Bush, and she began writing for free as a blogger. She had two different blogs. One of her blogs was to keep up with social justice issues, since her job at the Red Cross involved legal entities, while her other blog was more of her jotting down her own overall thoughts and experiences.

Bush finally was able to pick up a job in journalism. She began her career working for her local newspaper in Oyster Bay. However, after a few years, the newspaper couldn’t afford to pay her at her original salary, so she left and joined Patch.

At the time, Patch was experimenting with digital journalism. Bush was excited and looked forward to taking on this new challenge. She informed the class that her job consisted of managing the “backend” of website, dealing with things such as scheduling, posting, and html.

Bush had a lot to say about the importance of technology in the journalism world. She stated that it is important to “write for the web”, meaning it is important to write short and quickly get to the point so the target audience gets the most important information.

Also, she believes Facebook is a great tool to get news out to people. Bush explained that 64% of people get their news from Facebook.

In a journalism world fueled by digital technology it is certain that Leah Bush is coming into her own.

Charlie Baker Take Over

Long Island, NY- On November 5th, 2014, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was presented with new Republican Governor Charlie Baker.

Baker defeated Democrat Martha Coakley by seizing 48.46% of the vote (1,041,640 tallies) as opposed to Coakley’s 46.58% slice of the Massachusetts votes (1,001,279 tallies).

The Gov. Elect actually ran for the Governor spot in 2010 but was defeated by then Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who decided not to seek reelection a third time around. Patrick had won the Governor position four years ago by more than 145,000 votes, a decisive margin to say the least.

So what was so different for Baker his second time around? Garrett Quinn of credits his success to focusing more on urban/poor areas of the state, a demographic that most Republicans would forfeit to Democratic votes.

“I am campaigning for 100% of the vote” the Republican expressed during his campaign. Baker actually took over two-hundred trips into Boston alone. By doing this, the new Governor was able to make a deep connection with the people of this area.

And it seemed to pay off since he won the district.

Martha Coakley conceded the race early Wednesday morning, granting Baker the victory. However, Coakley remained gracious in positive even in defeat.

She stated that though the defeat stings, that women still need to be active and “Lean in”.

“For every woman who didn’t get the job she wanted, or didn’t get the promotion, or who ran a race and lost, I say, go right back at it!’’ Coakley enthusiastically stated during her conceding speech.

Now, whats next for Charlie Baker?

“Campaigns are competitions, campaigns are about winning and losing, but governing is about collaborating and getting things done and I have no doubt in my mind that we will have a smooth transition,” Baker stated in his victory speech.

Well, Mr. Baker, we look forward to a Commonwealth lead by you.

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Adina Genn

On Tuesday, October 28th, Patch journalist Adina Genn came to Hofstra University to discuss her career with Professor Molinet’s “Journalism Tools” class.

Genn got out to a rough start in regards to her career. So much so, that her mother forced her to go out and find a job. Her first job came as a writer for an academic book publisher firm. She then sought out to a local newspaper and became a stringer, which means she would freelance for the paper, mostly covering town meetings.

While these town meetings were somewhat dreary and boring, Genn did learn from them. She stated to her audience that it is important to build relationships with the community you are covering.

She recalled a particular story she wrote around the time of Hurricane Sandy. Before the storm hit, she wrote updates of what streets were being evacuated and what time as well. After the storm had passed, she stated that people wrote out to her thanking her for the coverage she had done.

The four-year Patch journalist also discussed the impact of social media in Journalism. She touched upon another story her wrote by actually using the nearby community groups on Facebook.

Genn was monitoring one of the groups when she discovered that there was chatter of an Ebola designation center at Glen Cove, which is apart of the North Shore of Long Island.

Sure enough, Genn went to the Mayor of Glen Cove’s Facebook page and found the rumor to be true.

Genn divulged into how technology has really changed life around her and her job as well. She discussed the struggles and frustration of learning new technologies, such as switching over to using as Mac laptop.

However, she stated, “you can never say you don’t know how to do something.” You always need to be innovative and ready to learn the next learning curve.

Surely, Adina Glenn is doing an exceptional job at doing so.

Colonial Square Hall Council

On Sunday October 5th, Colonial Square held a Hall Council Meeting in the Dover building to discuss potential ideas for their residential program this coming Halloween.

However, this meeting when quite differently than the first four this year, as both President Elana Delafraz and Vice President Joe Belina were missing from this meeting.

Due to their absences, head of PR Gabrielle Wasserstein was thrust into the leadership role, as she was next in line to take over the meeting.

Wasserstein, calm and collected, was not fazed by this sudden news. She showed no signs of hesitation or doubt as she quickly explained the objective of the meeting to the members and soon after lead them into brainstorming

Not only was Wasserstein in charge of the Hall Council meeting, but she also was the one who was able to come up with the exact idea for the Halloween program that each member agreed on, which will be revealed in the upcoming days.

New members of the Colonial Square Hall Council, Brittany Dorch and Kristin Davis, also played an important role in finalizing the program idea as well.

While the exact description of the program remains under wraps we do know it will occur on Friday, October 31st.

New Members